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insane and crazy are words im really working to get out of my vocab, but i need to be more vigilant about them :\

moonsona is a menace

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1) favourite prepared food ever

mmmm i love a pasta more than most things….

2) take a ‘what is the colour of my aura/soul’ quiz and tell me what you got

Your aura is yellow. You can always be counted on for optimism and encouragement, and you have a knack for saying just the right words at the right time. Those with yellow auras tend to have great health, probably in part due to their pleasant disposition. Though you occasionally over-analyze situations, you only mean to make yourself and others as happy as possible.

"tend to be in great health" lmao

3) whats one bad game that you cant help but like

I love baroque for the ps2…. its so bad

4) would your mother be ashamed if she looked under your bed rn

yeah because its full of empty 12-pack soda boxes that i promised myself i wouldnt just throw under my bed lmao

5) whats your favourite combination of two words

black ops, idk why i think its just fun to say

6) do you love me

you’re a nerd

7) do you like using teaspoons or tablespoons for soup

i dont eat soup but i do eat cereal and i love teaspoons for cereal, tablespoons is too much

8) should i get a sweet tea later or a coke from mcdonalds

get whichever is cheaper but love yourself doin it

9) did you ever read those stories on quizzila that were like NARUTO- 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN 

nah i was too busy rping my kirby oc to do nerd junk like that

10)  if you had to date any of these otome boys who would you date

the guy in glasses in the back i guess but i know its a trick question they’re all bad because you gave me this question reine

11) what song do you sing most when you’re alone in the house

ok so there’s this one old ass kinds game for pc called richard scarry’s busytown, and there was this one part where you clicked on stuff and the wind would blow and things would happen, it was for 2 year olds.  that part had a like repetitive little tune that played and its been stuck in my head literally all my life.

either that or rhythm section want-ad by tmbg

dennys, tmbgareok, and staff here are your questions:

1) How are you?

2) What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

3) What do you regret the least, like you still regret it but things turned out ok?

4) If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what do you think you’d be doing?

5) What do you know you’d be doing?

6) What’s your morning routine?

7) Give me the best verse of a song you know.

8) Now give me the worst verse of a song.

9) Whats the best bad movie you’ve ever seen?

10) Now the worst good movie?

11) If video games are art, is the mainstream gaming audience performance art?

i guess if anyone else wanted to answer these like emmerowds, or grimgrinninggoats, or any of my followers at all, they can if they want, rules are for squares.


Neil Dawsons “Horizons” Mighty Optical Illusions

Neil Dawson creates eye-popping sculptures. He has produced many throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the UK, and I have to admit that there’s a few I still can’t wrap my mind around. No matter how you look at them, your eyes and brain will trick you into believing that what you’re looking at is a simple drawing from a cartoon. Some of the sculptures are on land, while some others are hung in mid air.